Thin Line update

Awhile back I shared about an amazing juice I discovered, seen here: . Well I finally got the fourth flavor, Medic. My amazing wife surprised me with it yesterday as an early Valentine’s present, and it does not disappoint. It has amazing flavor just like the others but I waa totally shocked because it’s not super sweet, which I love. I get to the point with 99% of juices were they are so sweet all I can taste is sweetener and no flavor. Medic is the perfect pallet cleanser, it definitely has sour notes but it’s balanced in a way that it is just as delicious as its sweet Thin Line counter parts. I highly recommend buying some of this juice if you can find it. They are locally made to me so it’s readily available in my local shops but I do not know what kind of online presence they have. I hope you guys are having a great day, good bye for now.


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