So I got my new phone and my new juice last night. I’m excited because now that I have a working camera I can include pictures in my blogs, we’re i couldn’t before because my camera was broke. Unfortunately my new juice has to steep for a bit before I can write up a review, but I did get 2 free bottles in my shipment. Also I am getting a free bottle from savage e liquid I’m not sure when that will arrive but I will get a review going if that as well. My wismec rx 20700 is still going strong, but unfortunately I’m having issues with my blitz tank. I emailed blitz hopefully they can get me running tip top shape again. Hope all is well with you guys, have a great day.

P.s. also I have been I formed that my original gaping simplified post has raised more questions than it answers so I am going to work on a rewrite or update of some kind and hopefully eliminate those issues. Please let me know if I need to further explain something or have wrong information and I will correct it.


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