Blitz intrepid rta

So here goes another review, this is currently my daily use tank. I was so excited about this tank because I got it on a flash sale for .99. I love building my own coils and the massive flavors that come along with that. This tanks has a very well setup build deck and the screws are fairly easy to tighten and very accessible. I never once had them come loose and make the coils short out. This tank has a swappable ceramic pieces that allows you to use one coil or two. One coils produces more flavor and slightly less cloud, using the two coils you loose a little flavor but gain massive cloud. It came with 2 different glass sections on straight that holds around 4 ml of juice and a bubble glass that seems to hold around 7ish (not sure on exact measurement). I was so excited when I first got this tank but reality started to set in when it took me months to figure out how to wick the coils, this tank is extremely finicky to wick, hardest tank I have ever wicked, but I finally figured out a decent method. Also the fill cap comes open way to easy I have spilled so much juice in my pocket it’s not funny, especially when you factor I the giant bubble glass capacity that I got used too. I stopped carrying extra juice with me so when it did spill I was stranded unless I came across somebody who would let me fill my tank with their juice. This tank does have an extra air flow slot which is very nice, because more air flow equals more flavor. All in all I want to like this tank but when it comes down to it this tank annoys me more than the scene in dumb and dumber when they are discussing the most annoying sound in the world. I want so badly to like this tank because I paid so little for it, but when it comes down to it sometime a sale isn’t a good deal and you just get what you pay for. Hope you are having a good day and good bye for now.


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