Ohmega alpha bmft unboxing

So I finally got my clearance tank, it’s an ohmega alpha bmft 22mm rta. So far I am impressed, it has a post style build deck and for wicking slots. It can only be set up with daul coils. Here is a picture when I first got it.

The box is high quality a and very sturdy cardboard, with a magnetic flap to keep it closed.

Everything is well packaged to keep it safe during shipping. It has a package including extra o- rings, retention screws, and a screw driver, it also comes with an extra glass in case you break one.

Also it comes with two fused Clapton coils for your first set up. The build deck has 2mm holes in the posts so that you can fit the extreme built coils I have put fused alien Clapton in it with no issue. Here is a picture of the build deck.

Three only thing I would change about this tank is the the air flow isn’t adjustable like most other tanks, but I usually run wide open anyway so it’s not that big a deal to me. All in all for 5 dollars it s great tank.


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