Sorry I have been so quiet lately, I have just had a lot off stuff going on. I haven’t been getting anywhere trying to get setup ss a reviewer, everybody wants you too habe any established YouTube channel with tons of subscribers, which I do not. I have been experimenting with making my own juice lately. I habe been using essential oils as the flavoring instead of traditional flavoring and honestly I prefer it. You did habe to use a little more caution with essential oils, they burn at a lower temperature and you have to be very careful with the concentration of flavoring. I will say though that when you get it right the flavor is much more amazing than any traditional juice I have had. There is another benefit as well, you get the same effects from the essential oils a you do if you use a diffuser. If it wasn’t so expensive to get set up with the FDA I would launch my own line of juice but it is extremely costly to get set up. I would have to sell roughly 100 bottles a day to recoup the expense of getting setup. Hour you guys are doing well have a good afternoon.


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