I love flash sales

So I get an email from the owner of The Sauce LA and they were having a 24 hour flash sale on 3 flavors of their juice. Their website and every review I have read says they have a really clear and very high quality juice, so I decided to give it a try. I got 3, 120ml bottle of juice plus shipping for 22.45. Can’t wait till it gets here , and a review will be soon to follow.


Vaping simplified continued

The last post I made in this series was about all in one devices, if you don’t want an all in one unit box mods are another choice. They are the most popular devices in vaping currently, and have a very wide array of choices. In fact there are so many it can be very overwhelming to a beginner. Luckily for me I had someone to help me when I was getting started, so I was completely lost. They can be broken into 2 main categories, regulated mods and mechanical mods. There are tons of options for both and all option have a wide range of prices for very inexpensive, to “well there went my whole paycheck”. For beginners I highly suggest regulated mods, because they have computer chips with all kinds of safeties programmed into them. mechanical mods have almost no safeties built into them other than a fire button and sometimes a kill switch. I do not recommend mechanical mods for beginners because if you do not know exactly what you are doing with them you can very easily push the batteries too hard, at which point they will leak, or even explode. In future posts I will go into further detail about each one, but for now thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.


I would like to introduce the official Facebook page for this blog seen here: https://www.facebook.com/don.crockett.376 . I have also made an official email account for the blog as well. I have made a lot of progress lately and have big plans for the future. As long as I continue to find time to make daily posts and continue to grow in follower I plan on branching out to YouTube. Also I ordered a new phone last night so when I do reviews I will be able to post photos in them. My current phone has had a broken camera for a long time. As always thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

Proper cleaning

I would like to go over cleaning a little bit. This method is for tanks only, not anything electronic. I just use hot water, and it works really well. I started out using alcohol but sometimes it causes a funny taste for a while and it doesn’t always clean that well. Hot water works amazingly well though, because e juice is water soluble. All you have to do is grab a coffee mug, fill it with water (distilled preferably), throw it in the microwave (I usually do about a minute and a half) and drop your disassembled tank in the water. Usually I let the tank sit for about ten minutes and then let it air dry. I have heard of people with extremely dirty tanks boiling them but I have never tried it myself. Again please do not put batteries or mods in water they will never work again, this method is for atomizers only. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a good day.

All in one units

Continuing my post from yesterday, I offer an explanation of all in one or AIO units. Please keep in mind this is a simple explanation, so generalizations will be made, there will always be exceptions. AIO units are very easy to use and great for beginners. In fact my first and second devices were AIO units. They typically have internal rechargeable, and non-serviceable batters, a small tank, and use replaceable store bought coils. They are usually lower powered devices and the only control is one button. They are good for beginners because there is only one mode, you don’t have to worry about power settings, and you don’t build your own coils. That being said you do have to prime the coil, which is easy and usually included in the instructions. AIO units are a great, budget friendly way to get into vaping if you know absolutely nothing about it. There is a vape store close to me that even offers an AIO starter kits for 5 dollars to new customers, and on top of that you can trade in your pack of cigarettes (even if empty) for a free bottle of juice. So in summary AIO units are, user friendly, wallet friendly, and mostly trouble free. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

A simple explanation of vaping

I recently saw a blog where the author said they would review your blog and offer tips, and per their suggestion I am going to break down and explain vaping (to the best of my knowledge) over several posts. In this first post my goal is to explain vaping as if you know nothing about it at all, in a digestible tid bit. Vaping is a healthy (that is still being debated) alternative to smoking cigarettes, it delivers nicotine threw the lungs similarly to cigarettes. How ever there are far less chemicals in the juice as there are in cigarettes, it consists of 4 ingredients, high temperature flavorings, nicotine (not all juice has nicotine), Propylene Glycol (PG), and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The PG and VG carry the nicotine and flavors and the VG is responsible for the exhaled cloud. There are several different devices to vape with but simply explained they are all basically mini for machines. There is a battery, coil, and tank (not all have a tank but I will get into that in another post), these components work together to heat the juice and make the cloud. The tank stores the E juice that typically travels across a cotton wick that delivers the juice to the coil(s). When you hit the button the coils is fed electricity from the battery and heats up the juice, when you suck on the mouthpiece it pulls the vape cloud into your lungs, and then you exhale. I hope this helps you have a better understanding of vaping and in later posts I will continue to expand upon the basics that I laid out in this post. Thank you for the time you took to read this post and I hope you enjoyed it and have a wonderful day.